Editora — MediaWiki Editor

Editora is an editor for MediaWiki sites that I’m currently developing on my own, and that I plan to place under the KDE umbrella as soon as the editor gets to a usable state.

EditoraMediaWikiCurrently, the application is just a text editor which can:

Editora is based on the KDE MediaWiki Library.

The way to KDE

Before I try to get this product under the KDE umbrella, I want to implement the following features:

  • Availability of a predefined list of MediaWiki sites (those that PyWikipediaBot supports by default, for example).
  • Ability to define a custom MediaWiki site. For example, to manually add KDE UserBase to the list of MediaWiki sites that Editora can interact with, in case the site is not supported by default.
  • Ability to define a user account (username and password).
  • Ability to define a connection profile (combination of MediaWiki site and user account).

After the release, I plan to add spellchecking and tab support as well before I turn my focus to the remaining long-term goals.

Long-term goals

The long-term goals of the editor are:

  • Syntax highlighting and code completion of MediaWiki code.
  • Live preview of the resulting page while writing MediaWiki code.
  • Offline edition, with session/project support.
  • Visual edition.
  • Plugin support.


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