How I started contributing to free culture with Galician translations

When I was 16, finishing Compulsory Secondary Education, my Windows XP broke and I had to format the hard disk and install it again — loosing all my data. It was not the first time such a thing had happened, and I was just sick of it, so when I mentioned my episode in class, Jito, a classmate of mine, suggested that I try Ubuntu, a free, stable operating system — he sold it as “free” as in “free beer”, he was not actually into free culture at all, but neither was I at the time.

He lent me a disc with Ubuntu Studio, a flavor of Ubuntu specially designed for musicians such as him and myself, as well as other kinds of artists. And I just loved it. It was faster, more functional in most areas, there seemed to be software for anything I could need easily installable with Synaptic, and it was available in Galician — which Windows wasn’t at the time. Although I do remember running into issues during my first year, finding a community behind (in the Spanish Ubuntu forums) that was willing to  help me get things done was a marvelous, eyes-opening experience.

As I was discussing my first impressions of Ubuntu with Jito during an IT class, our teacher pointed out that you could contribute with translations in something called Lauchpad. At the time I was feeling extremely grateful to Ubuntu, and translating Ubuntu software into Galician was the only way I had at the time to give something back to the community, so I created a Lauchpad account.

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