Proprietary games I would love to see as free culture

Among all the proprietary games I’ve played, there are two games (actually, game series) that I would like somehow represented in free culture, if not with clones, with games that provide a similar gameplay. Those are Grand Theft Auto and Total War.

The Grand Theft Auto series are just an amazing example of what you can achieve with technology. I’ve been in love with the game since GTA III, where the freedom you had to walk around the world and do whatever you wanted was just astonishing, and any new title in the series keeps amazing me.

Sadly, as far as I know, there is no active free culture project attempting to create a game with a similar gameplay. I think a game of this genre would benefit a lot from the creativity of the free culture community.

The Total War series are composed of strategy games that mix turn-based strategy on a world map with real-time strategy for battles. I love strategy, and I love ancient warfare (specially the golden ages of Greece and Rome), and I’ve been in love with the Total War series since Rome Total War.

While there is currently no similar free culture game, 0 A.D. will eventually get there, according to its developers!

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