Editora 0.1 — Proof of Concept

Not much ago I released the source code of the 0.1 version of Editora, a MediaWiki editor aimed to provide a better experience when editing MediaWiki sites that the experience provided by a web browser.

This release is just a proof of concept. Currently, the application is just a text editor which can:

Next I plan to implement the following features which should make this application somewhat usable:

  • Availability of a predefined list of MediaWiki sites (those that PyWikipediaBot supports by default, for example).
  • Ability to define a custom MediaWiki site. For example, to manually add KDE UserBase to the list of MediaWiki sites that Editora can interact with, in case the site is not supported by default.
  • Ability to define a user account (username and password).
  • Ability to define a connection profile (combination of MediaWiki site and user account).

Once I’ve implemented those, I will try to get this project into the KDE umbrella. Since this application is based on the KDE MediaWiki Library, the KTextEditor interfaces and the KatePart MediaWiki syntax highlighting, so it’s only fair for it to be a KDE project.

For more information regarding this application, such as my long-term goals, see the Editora page. Suggestions and feature requests are more than welcome.